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A Woman’s Journey to God


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“God as a jealous, punitive white Anglo-Saxon male with a long beard and a longer arm lacks appeal for many contemporary women”, writes Joan Borysenko. In an attempt to address and mend the rift between women’s experience of God and how God is presented through male-dominated religions, Borysenko offers this book of feminine exploration. Initially, Borysenko speaks to healing one’s relationship with a seemingly judgmental or exclusive God. She then moves beyond how religion may or may not have failed individual women, into how the feminine collective tends to know and touch God.

Not surprisingly (but nonetheless fascinating), Borysenko speaks to women’s intuition and creativity as sure-fire lifelines to God. Women also rely on relationships as a means to spiritual growth, explains Borysenko, whether it be with lovers, friends or children. She also examines women’s icons–from the gentle and nurturing “Our Lady of Guadeloupe” to the fiery goddess Kali who births and then devours her children, just like Mother Nature does. On an organisational level, this ambitious book can seem a bit scattered–an easy fault to ignore. As more and more women join together from all religions and orientations to tell their spiritual stories and claim their paths to God, books such as these make excellent guides and companions. –Gail Hudson

Frequently Bought Together

  • A Woman's Journey to God
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  • Spiritual Direction: A Practical Introduction
  • Price for all: £30.10

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