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Art Forms in Nature (Dover Pictorial Archive)

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Paperback. Pub Date :1974-06-01 Pages: 100 Language: English Publisher: Dover Publications Multitude of strangely beautiful natural forms: Radiolaria. Foraminifera. Ciliata. diatoms. calcareous sponges. Siphonophora. star corals. starfishes. Protozoa. flagellates. brown seaweed. jellyfishes. sea-lilies. moss animals. sea-urchins. glass sponges. leptomedusae. horny corals. trunkfishes. true sea slugs. anthomedusae horseshoe crabs. sea-cucumbers. octopuses. bats. orchids. sea wasps. seahorse. a dragonfish . a frogfish. much more. All images black-and-white.

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