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Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities


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“[Brock] takes characters and situations into places I would never have thought of . . .”-Richard Matheson Jason V Brock is one of the most dynamic young writers of weird and science fiction, and this first collection of his short fiction reveals the wide diversity of his talents and the gripping power and intensity of his conceptions. Among these sixteen stories are such masterworks as “P.O.V.,” a multilayered narrative about a grisly murder; “The History of a Letter,” an ingenious riff on the iconic figure of H. P. Lovecraft; “Milton’s Children,” an expansive novella that hints of unthinkable horrors in the Antarctic; and “Simulacrum,” a scintillating science fiction novella that evokes the shade of Philip K. Dick. Also included are thirteen of Brock’s evocative poems. With a foreword by William F. Nolan and an introduction by James Robert Smith. Jason V Brock has been widely published in magazines, comics, and anthologies such as “Butcher Knives & Body Counts,” “Animal Magnetism,” “Fangoria,” the “Weird Fiction Review,” S. T. Joshi’s “Black Wings” anthology series, “Like Water for Quarks,” and many others.

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