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Manacled Book PDF Free Download Summary 

Manacled Book PDF Free Download

“Manacled” is a captivating Harry Potter fanfic centered around Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, fondly known as “Dramione” to shippers. Picture your favorite celebrity couple, but with magic wands and house elves – it’s that kind of magical drama.

Let me tell you, this book just blows your mind. The writing is top-notch, and the characters feel like authentic older versions of the originals. With a substantial fanbase and rave reviews, the author’s talent shines through.

The story unfolds in the aftermath of the wizarding war, where the Order of the Phoenix, led by Harry and friends, is losing ground against the Dark Lord. The Order’s optimism clashes with the refusal to resort to dark magic, creating a classic good vs. evil dynamic.

The book is divided into four sections.

In the first, most of the Order is wiped out, and Hermione becomes a prisoner, her memories sought by Voldemort. A chilling “repopulation” program is introduced, reminiscent of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” where Hermione is assigned to Draco as a surrogate. The twist: Draco is a lethal force in Voldemort’s ranks, tasked with uncovering Hermione’s memories.

The second section delves into extensive flashbacks, revealing the intricacies of Draco and Hermione’s past. Their love, a slow burn, unfolds amid war, distrust, and sacrifice. Hermione emerges as a resilient heroine, and Draco’s complexities come to light.

The third section intensifies as pregnant Hermione regains her memories, navigating an awkward reconciliation with Draco amid dark circumstances. With Draco’s tumultuous family dynamics and a hostile wife in the mix, the plot thickens.

The fourth section, comprising gripping epilogues, provides a nuanced resolution. The novella-like epilogues avoid neatly tying everything up, keeping the reader engaged.

If you have a fondness for Harry Potter or a grasp of its world, “Manacled” is a must-read. Be prepared for a dark extension of the Potter universe with deceased beloved characters, intense themes of abuse, and a rollercoaster of emotions between Draco and Hermione. Despite Draco’s dark past, the book manages to evoke compassion for his character. An enthralling and addictive reading experience awaits!

Manacled Book Pdf Free Download Chapter 1

Hermione had long given up hope of seeing in the darkness.

For a time, she thought maybe if she just let her eyes adjust, eventually
some faint outline would become visible.

There were no glimmers of moonlight slipping through so deep in the
dungeons. No torches in the hallways outside the cell. Just more and more
darkness, until she wondered sometimes if she might be blind.

She had explored every inch of the cell with her fingertips. The door, sealed
with magic, had no lock to pick, even if she had anything but straw and a
chamber pot. She smelled the air in the hopes it might indicate something;
the season, the distant scent of food or potions. The air was stale, wet, cold.

She had hoped if she just checked carefully enough, she’d find a loose slab-
stone in the wall; some secret compartment hiding a nail, or a spoon, or
even a bit of rope. Apparently the cell had never held an audacious prisoner.
No scratches to mark time. No loose stones. Nothing.

Nothing but darkness.
She couldn’t even talk aloud to relieve the unending silence. It had been
Umbridge’s parting gift after they had dragged her into the cell and checked
her manacles one last time.

They had been about to leave when Umbridge paused and whispered,

Prodding Hermione’s chin up with her wand so that their eyes met, she said,
“You’ll understand soon enough.”

Umbridge giggled, and her cloying, sugary breath ghosted over Hermione’s
Hermione had been left in darkness and silence.
Had she been forgotten? No one ever came. No torture. No interrogations.
Just dark, silent solitude.

Meals appeared. Randomised so she couldn’t even keep track of time.

She recited potion recipes in her head. Transfiguration technique. Reviewed
runes. Nursery rhymes. Her fingers flicked as she mimicked wand
techniques, mouthing the spell inflection. She counted backwards from a
thousand by subtracting prime numbers.

She started working out. It had apparently not occurred to anyone to restrict
her physically, and the cell was spacious enough that she could cartwheel
diagonally across it. She learned how to do handstands. Spent what felt like
hours doing push-ups and things called burpees that her cousin had been
obsessed with one summer. She found that she could slot her feet through
the bars of the cell door and do crunches while hanging upside down.

It helped turn her mind off. Counting. Pushing herself to new physical
limits. When her arms and legs turned to jelly, she’d slump down into a
corner and fall into a dreamless sleep.

It was the only way to make the end of the war stop playing in front of her

Sometimes she wondered if she was dead. Maybe it was hell. Darkness and
loneliness and nothing but her worst memories hanging before her eyes for

When there finally was a noise, it felt deafening. The screech in the distance
as a long abandoned door swung open. Then light. Blinding, blinding light.
It was like being stabbed.

She stumbled back into the corner and covered her eyes.

“She’s still alive,” she heard Umbridge say, sounding surprised. “Get her up,
let’s see if she’s still lucid.”

Rough hands dragged Hermione from the corner and tried to pull her hands
away from her eyes. Even with her eyelids squeezed tightly shut, the pain
from the sudden brightness felt like knives driving into her corneas. She wrenched her hands back to press them over her eyes again, ripping her arms from her captors’ grasp.

“Oh, Merlin’s sake,” Umbridge said in a sharp, impatient voice.
“Overpowered by a wandless Mudblood. Petrificus Totalus .”

Hermione’s body stiffened. Mercifully her eyes remained closed.

“You should have been smart enough to die. Crucio .”

The curse ripped through Hermione’s immobilised body. Umbridge wasn’t
the strongest caster Hermione had been cursed by, but she meant it. The
pain tore through Hermione like fire. Unable to move, she felt like her
insides were twisting into knots, trying to escape the pain.  Her head
throbbed as the pain built and built without any release.

After an eternity, the pain stopped, and yet didn’t. The curse was ended, but
the agony remained coiled inside, as though her nerves were flayed.

Hermione could feel her brain scrabbling to escape; to break free of the
suspended agony. Just break. Just break. But she couldn’t.

“Take her up for appraisal. Let me know promptly what the healer says.”

She was levitated, but the world remained a blur of sound and agony. So
much sound. It felt as though the vibrations were grating across her skin.
She must have been kept inside a barrier ward because suddenly the air
exploded with noise and light.

She tried to hold on by focusing only on the tap of footsteps. Straight for
ten paces. A right. Thirty paces. A left. Fifteen paces. Stop. One of the
guards levitating her rapped on a door.

“Come in,” said a muffled voice.
The door grated open.
“Put her over there.”

Hermione felt her body drop onto an examination table.
She felt a wand prod her.
“Recent spell work?”
“Immobilisation and the cruciatus,” answered a new voice.

thought she recognised it, but her mind was too awhirl with agony to place

“While immobilised?” The healer sounded peeved. “How long?”
“A minute. Maybe more.”
A hiss of irritation. “We hardly have enough as it is. Is Umbridge trying to
ruin them? Strap her down. She’ll injure herself otherwise when I take the
spells off.”

Hermione felt leather straps bind her wrists and ankles, and something was
forced between her teeth. There was a wand tap on her temple.

“Yoo-hoo. Little witch, if your mind isn’t already mush. This is going to
hurt—a lot. But,” he continued cheerily, “you will feel better afterwards.
Finite Incantatem! ”
Hermione’s world exploded.

It was like being hit with the cruciatus all over
again. Finally mobile, her body recoiled, and she screamed and thrashed.
The straps holding her down barely stopped her from arching backward as
she writhed, and rocked, and wailed in agony.

It seemed like an eternity
before she could stop thrashing. Long after her voice had given out. Her
muscles still twitched violently, and her chest heaved with sobs.
“Alright. You can go now,” the healer said as he prodded Hermione again
with his wand. “But tell Umbridge if another one arrives like this, I will
report her for sabotage.”

Hermione cracked an eye open and watched the guards leave. Her vision
blurred. Everything was so agonisingly bright, but she could make out vague shapes and the light hurt less. Or rather, other things hurt more than
her eyes did.

The healer returned to her. He was a large man. She didn’t recognise him.
She squinted, trying to see him clearly.
“Oh good, you’re tracking movement.” He turned her wrist to get the prison
number from the manacle. “Number 273…”

He pulled a narrow file off a shelf and furrowed his brow as he skimmed it.
“Mudblood, obviously. Hogwarts student. Oh, very good marks. Hmmm.
Unknown curse to the abdomen in fifth year. Not a very good sign. Well,
we’ll see what we have to work with.”
He performed a complex diagnostic spell over her. She watched her magical
signature float overhead and various orbs of color arrange themselves along
her body.

The healer prodded them and scribbled notes. He was particularly interested
in her abdomen, especially an orb tinged with purple.
“What—,“ she rasped around the gag still between her teeth, “—what are
you looking at?”
“Hmm? Oh, a variety of things; your physical health, mostly. You’re in
remarkably good condition. Where have they been keeping you? Although
none of that matters if I can’t figure out this old curse you’re still carrying.”

He worked in silence for several more minutes before chuckling. With a
complicated flip of his wand and an incantation Hermione couldn’t make
out, she watched a dark stream of purple flame shoot into her stomach. Her
insides suddenly started bubbling, and she felt something writhing alive
among her organs. Something crawling inside her.

Before she could scream, the healer sent a red spell streaking into her. The
writhing stopped, and it felt like something had dissolved inside her.

“A miscast spell,” the healer explained. “Someone wanted you eaten alive,
but fortunately for you their curse was incomplete. I fixed it and then
cancelled it. You’re welcome.”
Hermione said nothing. She doubted any of it was for her benefit.

“Well. You’re cleared. Eligible too. I think we’ll get quite a bit of use out of
you. Although that cruciatus will probably require some therapy before
you’ll recover from it. I’ll put in a note.”
With a flick of his wand, the straps around her wrists and ankles released.
Hermione sat up slowly.

Her muscles were still twitching involuntarily.
Opening the door, the healer called out, “She passed. You can process her.”
He walked over to his desk.
Everything was weirdly luminous. She squinted. So bright she could hardly
see past the light to make out the shapes around her.

Reaching up with a shaky hand, she pulled the gag from between her teeth.
They immediately started chattering. She realised that she was terribly,
terribly cold. Too cold.
The guard was approaching her, reaching for her arm to lead her away. She
slid off the table and tried to stand.
She wobbled.

Was that her voice? She didn’t remember what her voice sounded like.
The words came out slurred, and all the luminous objects in the room
seemed to stretch and distort before her eyes as if she’d been dropped into a
goldfish bowl. The healer turned back toward her quizzically.


About The Author of Manacled Book PDF Free Download

SenLinYu is the fanfiction author of Manacled, All You Want, Do Not Go Gentle, and other works. They published their first story in 2018.



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