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Name of Book  Wildfire 
Author  Hannah Grace 
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No of Pages  353
Language  English 

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Five Reasons To Read Wildfire Hannah Grace PDF 

Compelling Plot: Wildfire offers a refreshing storyline set in a summer camp, providing a unique backdrop for the romance between Russ and Aurora, filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Dynamic Characters: From the shy and sweet Russ to the confident and extroverted Aurora, the characters are well-developed and relatable, each with their own struggles that add depth to the story.

Exploration of Themes: Through themes of love, friendship, and family drama, Hannah Grace introduces readers to the complexities of human relationships, offering readers a thoughtful exploration of various aspects of life.

Engaging Writing Style: Grace’s writing style is engaging, making it easy for readers to immerse themselves in the story. The narrative flows smoothly.

Emotional Impact: With its warm and romantic tone, Wildfire is not just a book to read but an experience to savor. It touches the heartstrings of readers, leaving them delighted long after they’ve turned the final page.

Wildfire Summary 


Hey guys, after a successful run with “Icebreaker” Hannah Grace is back with her another book from UCMH (University Of California Maple Hills) series, which is filled romance and drama. But this book is somewhat different from “Icebreaker”. It was published on 3rd October 2023 by Simon & Schuster and it has carried forward the legacy of Icebreaker.


The plot of the book is set in a summer camp away from the Maple Hills campus. The story is about a goalie Russ Callaghan and English student Aurora Roberts. It starts with they meeting in a party after the academic year and after being drunked they have one night stand, and before even knowing each others name Aurora leaves while Russ is in the bathroom.

And guess what they meet each other at the summer camp where both of them worked as counsellor to stay away from their families during the summer. About which we will learn later on in the book. They never really thought of meeting each other after the hook-up scene. It was so awkward for them when they faced each other in the camp.

The twists here is that they can’t even be together in the camp as the camp’s strict rule suggests “no staff fraternising”. The job was important for Russ as he needed money and he can’t afford to be fired from the camp, as he doesn’t want to go back to his home where his dad is struggling with the problem of gambling addiction. So he tries to stay away from Aurora.

But Aurora on the other hand doesn’t care about the rules she’s does what she wants to, as she doesn’t care about money as she is a rich girl from a wealthy family. The reason of her being at the camp is that she loves the place and wants to stay there the whole summer away from the Maple Hills Campus.

In beginning they try to stay as professionals but they can’t resist each other, both of them have a strong attraction for each other. The interesting part is that despite having different kind of personalities they both have one thing in common and that is family issues especially daddy issues, and that’s one of the things they bond much more over.


The story of Wildfire revolves around the themes of love, friendship and family drama. Throughout the story Hannah Grace makes us aware about the different aspects of human lives. The hockey lovers would be disappointed, as it is more of a summer camp kind of setting. But this book has much other things to offer about which you will learn after reading the book.


Like Icebreaker this book doesn’t have too many characters and that’s one of the best thing about the book. Russ Callaghan is a shy, quite and sweet guy who comes to the camp to stay away from his dad as he’s going through a lot because of him. Whereas Aurora Roberts is an extrovert, cute and a confident girl just opposite to Russ. The book also contains other characters which makes the story so lively and engaging like Ryan, Emilia.

Writing Style 

The book has been written in a beautiful manner. There’s something special about Hannah Grace’s writing. She makes it’s so easy to dive into the story and the story moves further with a good pace, she doesn’t put unnecessary details and keeps the story to the point.

Impact And Reception 

Hannah Grace’s fans were eagerly waiting for her next book and since the launch of “Wildfire” it has got a good reception, though it is not pretty much similar to “Icebreaker”, it has got a different identity and place in the hearts of its fans. 


At the end Wildfire is a warm romantic novel by Hannah Grace which has entertained it’s readers all around the world. You will be mesmerized and fascinated after reading this masterpiece. You will feel as if you’re in the summer camp and enjoying. So what are you waiting for, give it a try. For more information click.

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FAQ’s About Wildfire 
What is the Hannah Grace’s book Wildfire about? 

The book is about Love story of Russ and Aurora, the story begins with their hook-up after a party. They don’t even know each others name. But both of them meet as they work as counsellors at a summer camp away from maple hills.

Is Wildfire spicy?

Wildfire does contains some spicy elements but, it isn’t that spicy, but still it is interesting to read because it has much more other stuffs to offer.

Are Icebreaker and Wildfire connected? 

Yes they are connected as the story of Wildfire is of the students of the same UCMH campus.

Can I read Wildfire before Icebreaker? 

We recommend you to read Icebreaker first and then move to wildfire as you will get the context of the Maple Hills scenario. It will help you to get into the beginning of the Wildfire.

Which book is better “Icebreaker” or “Wildfire”?

We leave that up to you to decide who is better among the two books. As everybody has their own different personal opinions.

Thank You! Dear Reader 💖 

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