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Name of Book  Things We Never Got Over 
Author  Lucy Score 
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Five Reasons To Read Things We Never Got Over PDF 

Authentic Characters: Lucy Score crafts characters with depth and authenticity, making them relatable and engaging. From Naomi’s resilience to Knox’s internal struggles, each character feels real, drawing readers into their world and experiences.

Heartfelt Exploration of Relationships: “Things We Never Got Over” takes us into the complexities of relationships, from familial bonds to romantic connections. Through Naomi and Knox’s journey, readers witness the transformative power of love and forgiveness.

Beautiful Small-Town Setting: Set in the charming town of Knockemout, the novel offers a picturesque backdrop for the unfolding story. Lucy Score’s vivid descriptions bring the small-town atmosphere to life, immersing readers in its charm.

Emotional Rollercoaster: Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as you will go through the highs and lows of Naomi and Knox’s journey. From heartwarming moments between Naomi and her niece to intense encounters between the protagonists, the novel keeps readers invested with its emotional depth and intensity.

Engaging Writing Style: Lucy Score’s writing style is captivating and immersive, effortlessly drawing readers into the story. With a perfect blend of romance and drama “Things We Never Got Over” offers a compelling reading experience that will leave you eagerly turning pages.

Things We Never Got Over Summary


Things We Never Got Over is a romance novel written by the author Lucy Score which was published in January 2022 by Bloom Publishers. The book is about the story of a woman named Naomi who’s 36  , about her struggles with relationships, family and life. It is a beautiful story of people overcoming their life problems.


Naomi literally ran away just before her wedding as she was in an unhappy relationship with her wealthy partner. She goes to a small town of Knockemout, after her twin sister Tina asked her for help as she was in trouble with her life. When Naomi arrived at the place, she gets to know that she was scammed by her sister Tina who took her money and car and ran away abandoning her 11 year old daughter Waylay with Naomi.

So now Naomi is left with no money and responsibility of her abandoned niece, her life is literally turned upside down. She visits the cafe where Tina worked, there she meets Knox Morgan who is the owner of that place, their first meeting wasn’t good as Knox identified Naomi as Tina, as both of them were identical twins, he screamed at her and asked her to get out, but she showed her identity and things settled.

Naomi described him about what had just happened, she tells Knox that she came to this town to see her sister, but instead her life was just thrown off the track. Knox felt for her, he helped Naomi, giving her job at the cafe and arranged a place for her and Wayley to stay.

They both were attracted to each other but none of them really expressed and didn’t wanted to be in a relationship as they both had their personal struggles with their relations. Naomi settles there in the town. The story moves further with lot of events which affect and shape the lives of the characters.


Things We Never Got Over is based on the theme of love, betrayal, courage, hope and complications of human relations. It presents the fact that how relationships can help individuals to discover their true self. The book talks about the impact of different relations on a person’s life, be it with family, parents, children, siblings, partner etc.


The characters of any book are the essence of the story and Lucy Score has created exciting characters which makes the story more interesting for the readers. Naomi Witt is an attractive, friendly and compassionate lady who is dealing with the problems which life’s throwing to her, one after another. Knox is a good-looking, rich guy who wants to be alone, as he thinks that he’s not good enough for anyone, he feels that he doesn’t deserve and don’t want to commit to someone. He also has his own struggles. The remaining cast also contribute to the narrative, from Tina and her boyfriend to Knox’s brother Nash and Wayley, everybody in the story intrugue the readers.

Writing Style 

Lucy Score has written the book so much engaging. You will feel like you are on a journey together with Naomi in the town of Knockemout. The way she has written the plot and described characters is commendable. The Book is spicy, has lot of angst and tensions around the characters. The book is also filled with cute moments between Naomi and her niece. This book really feels comfy and cosy while reading.

Impact and Recognition 

The book has been really appreciated by the readers who’ve read this wonderful book. It was so well recepted by the fans of this genre that it became The New York Times Bestseller, which earned Lucy Score a lot of recognition.


“Things We Never Got Over” by Lucy Score is one of the must read book from the romance genre. It really has a very fresh and great story to read for the fans who love and crave for such kind of books. So what are you waiting for, download the PDF from the above link and enjoy it. For more information click.

About The Author Of Things We Never Got Over 

Lucy Score is an American romance author known for her engaging storytelling and lovable characters. She was born on 30th January 1980 in Pennsylvania. She developed a passion for writing at a young age as her family was very passionate about reading. After graduating from college with a degree in Journalism, Score pursued various career paths, including proofreading and marketing, before ultimately dedicating herself to writing full-time.

In early 2012 she read Fifty Shades Of Grey by E. L. James and was inspired and got an idea writing a book herself. She wrote her first short novella on a one night stand but only 35 copies were sold. She was shocked and left the dream of becoming an author.

But soon things changed after her brother showed her book to a publication and they asked her to write a long version so they could publish it. Lucy started writing and in year 2015 her journey as an author began with the publishing of her debut novel “Undercover Love”.

But her real break came with her second book “Pretend You Are Mine” which climed the top of Amazon Kindle Store. Since then, Score has penned numerous bestselling romance novels like ” Things We Never Got Over”, ” Things We Left Behind”, ” Things We Hide From The Light”, earning acclaim for her witty dialogue, heartfelt romance, and relatable characters. Her works often explore themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery, resonating with readers around the world.

Score’s writing style is characterized by its humor, authenticity, and emotional depth. She has a knack for crafting realistic relationships and steamy romantic encounters that keep readers turning pages one after another. In addition to her standalone novels, Score has also collaborated with other authors on projects and series.

Outside of writing, Lucy Score enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and indulging in her love of good food and wine. With her passion for romance and storytelling, Lucy Score continues to enchant audiences with her heartfelt tales of love and happily ever afters.

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FAQ’s About Things We Never Got Over 
What is the summary of the “Things Never Got Over”?

The book follows the story of Naomi, who flees from her own wedding to a small town called Knockemout. There, she discovers that her sister, Tina, has cheated her and left her with empty pockets and her daughter, Waylay. Naomi’s encounter with Knox Morgan, the owner of a local cafe, sets off a series of events that shape the story.

Is “Things We Never Got Over” Spicy?

Yes “Things We Never Got Over” contains lot of spicy scenes.

What is the writing style of Lucy Score in the book?

Lucy Score’s writing style is engaging, immersive, and descriptive. She creates a vivid setting in the town of Knockemout and develops characters that feel authentic and relatable.

Has the book received any recognition or awards?

Yes, Things We Never Got Over has been well-received by readers and achieved The New York Times Bestseller and Amazon Bestseller status, earning Lucy Score significant recognition in the romance genre.

What makes “Things We Never Got Over” stand out from other romance novels?

The book stands out for its fresh and compelling story, well-developed characters, and engaging writing style. It offers readers a blend of romance, drama, and heartwarming moments that make it a must-read for fans of the genre.

Is there any sequel to “Things We Never Got Over”?

Yes there is a sequel to “Things We Never Got Over”, which is “Things We Hide From the Light”.

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